Each and every employee at MONIN is a member of a community in different regions around the world. As hospitality professionals, we wish that our commitments also benefit the suppliers or customers’ communities in the countries where we operate. We share with them our passion, our know-how and our values. Considering that our local staff and partners are in the best position to identify local needs, we cooperate with them to implement solidarity programs supporting our suppliers or customers.


  • Develop partnerships with hospitality schools to support disadvantaged students who aspire to join our industry, on each continent where we operate.
  • Support selected local charity initiatives that our employees and partners are most passionate about.


Training and financial support to hospitality schools

  • Our support to hospitality schools for disadvantaged youngsters started with PSE (Pour un Sourire d’Enfant), in Cambodia. This remarkable NGO has lifted more than 10,000 children out of poverty in 25 years, through its education and vocational training programs.
  • To date, we are supporting 3 organizations in our countries of operation, working with 7 schools: Apprentis d’Auteuil in France, PSE in Cambodia, and IECD Semeurs d’avenir in Thailand & Madagascar.
  • Together with them and our local importers, we are developing barman & barista programs, based on MONIN savoir-faire. We aim at completing students’ vocational training, thus maximizing their chance to find a decent and properly paid job.
  • MONIN is also providing financial support through students’ scholarships.

Outreach and assistance to local communities

In France, MONIN supports several local initiatives such as Sésame Autisme Cher. In the heart of Bourges City, we have funded a small storefront for this organisation, called the “Atout Fruit” shop. Intended to promote professional and social integration, it offers those with autism the opportunity to be trained in sales as well as bartending skills, using the MONIN flavours to create beverage solutions

Café Joyeux employs and trains people with mental and cognitive disabilities. Its mission is to encourage inclusion while building a profitable economic model. MONIN brings its expertise to Café Joyeux by participating in the design of its drinks’ menu, and by training its teams in the creation of flavored drinks.

Our company is a proud supporter of Grounds for Health since 2005. MONIN is partnering with this organization in their dedication to prevent cervical cancer in coffee growing communities. Through donations and volunteer contribution, Grounds for Health provides screening and care for women in developing countries.