Corp. social responsibility


Who are we?

For more than a hundred years, MONIN has taken risks in exploring new markets, launching unexpected products, and eventually became the leading brand of choice for beverage professionals and fans, worldwide. Our goal has always been to help our customers succeed in crafting the most innovative and ahead-of-the-trend drinks, from the small independent coffeeshop to the high standing bar, from the international quick service chains to the local mum and pap’ restaurants.

We’ve succeeded not only by providing a consistent and premium quality, but also by producing more and more locally, to be closer to our suppliers and markets, allowing us to better understand the dreams and needs of our customers. This led us to become not only French, but also American, Malaysian, Chinese, and soon to be, Russian, Indian and Brazilian.  

But can companies thrive and grow on overexploited soils and communities? Can they be good at what they’re doing, if they’re doing it alone, without taking care of their environment and stakeholders? Can they pretend to be passersby, taking as they will, without any commitment? No, we don’t think so.  

Being a fast moving global company competing in today’s demanding world, our core DNA stems from our values of not only giving back to society, but also contributing to our ecosystem, in a greater movement to protect and enrich our planet.

So, we at MONIN still have a lot to learn and adapt so as to better take care of our one and only world. And if you’re also excited about inventing new, respectful and intelligent business models, you are more than welcome to embark on this journey with us!

By doing so, we will contribute together to a more sustainable type of society. Our MONIN teams around the world are already taking significant initiatives to make this happen, in each of the following fields, and I invite you to discover them: