At MONIN, we have high requirements for our products as well as for our industrial processes. Knowing that every single firm impacts its environment, we adopted a global strategy to reduce them and to protect the natural resource that we utilise. In each factory, we strive to preserve the water cycle, to reduce our energy consumption and to switch to renewable ones.


  • To continue our efforts in reducing water consumption in our factories, and to implement innovative solutions for water treatment and reuse.
  • To switch to renewable energies for at least 20% of our global industrial needs by 2021.


Water preservation

  • Each factory has a defined target for water reduction, and complies with local legislations related to water treatment.
  • In Bourges, we aim at reaching “Zero liquid discharge” by 2022, and are currently exploring treatment and reuse options to meet this ambitious goal.

Switching to renewable energies
Each factory is exploring renewable energy solutions (solar or wind options), depending on local context, resources and needs.

« The preservation of water resources is an environmental and strategic issue for today and tomorrow. At MONIN, we take it to heart and act in a responsible and innovative way. »

Ludovic, CSR Project Manager, MONIN Bourges