Naturality & Nutrution


Faithful to our tradition of authenticity, we are committed to providing our customers premium products made with the highest quality ingredients from natural sources. In this quest for authenticity, we focus on natural flavours, natural colourings and no preservative. 

Additionally, we are committed to further innovation to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers working to reduce sugar and calories from their diets.


  • Today, we are committed to offering our customers the largest variety of high quality, great tasting products made only with natural flavours.*
  • As consumers demand less sugar and lower calories, we will continue to innovate to offer a wider choice of low and no sugar flavouring solutions.

*except for MONIN Watermelon syrup.



Sugar Policy

In a time when many food industries have replaced natural sugar with cheaper alternatives such as high-fructose corn syrup, we are proud of only using quality sugars such as beet and/or cane sugar to enhance the best flavours, and to allow long shelf life, as required by our clients.

We are also aware of the public health issues caused by the excessive consumption of sweet food and “hidden” sugar in our diets. We are convinced that the future of beverage will be less sugary, and we want to play an important role to drive this change.

For this reason, we decided to work on a number of key projects including the reduction of sugar content in our products, and customization of recipes in order to allow our clients to adjust sweetness to their own need