Since social responsibility concerns our entire ecosystem, we want to engage all our partners in our CSR approach. We are convinced that the quality of relationships with our suppliers is based on a shared vision of our values and ethics.

We also believe that we have a role to play in the development of sustainable agriculture, through innovative experiments.

Finally we are working at our level to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging.


We are committed to implementing a comprehensive sustainable sourcing process, involving specific staff training, a new supplier code and CSR audits. It will be fully operational by 2021.

« Thanks to agro-ecology, the MONIN farm restores the soil, creates new wild spaces and preserves water. It will therefore not only produce fruits, it will also produce life and new knowledge. »

Benoit, MONIN Planteur Project Manager


Responsible sourcing policy
At MONIN we are working closely with our supplying partners for safe and responsible procurement:

  • We undertake quality audits with our strategic suppliers, every year, to ensure food safety and management systems are at the highest level.
  • In 2019 we upgraded our supplier code to meet higher CSR requirements and are collaborating with our partners to support its implementation.

Regenerative agriculture

In 2018, we invested in our first integrated fruit plantation for the production and transformation of organic fruits, that will be used in our recipes when available. Additionally, this culture lab is aimed at regenerating nature and increasing biodiversity through sustainable farming practices: seedling cover, tree hedges, solar energy, etc…

In 2020, MONIN joined the Pour une Agriculture du Vivant movement. Through this collective action, we are cooperating in the transition of agriculture - in particular the French sugar beet sector - to agroecology, alongside our farming partners. In keeping with agricultural time, we participate in building an agriculture with multiple benefits for soil regeneration, carbon storage, improvement of water quality, the nutritional composition of products and the fight against climate  change.

Packaging: alternatives to plastic

While the majority of our products are bottled in MONIN iconic glass bottle, we also use smaller proportion of plastic material to pack our syrups when requested by customers, and for other products such as Le Fruit, La Sauce or Le Frappé de MONIN. To reduce the environmental impacts of those plastic packaging, we are currently exploring alternatives, including the use of recycled PET.