Into The Wild Little Explorer Bear Set Of 2 Mugs

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This adorable tankard set from the Into The Wild Little Explorers is perfect for big and little drinks together. Adding a touch of nature"s style and wild charm to drinking, the friendly Into The Wild bear proudly introduces it's two bear cubs on these ceramic mugs that are crafted in the rustic tankard style. Following in the bigger paw prints of the woodland bear, the Little Explorers bears are hand-drawn in a simple black and white sketch and play on the golden yellow foot of the mug with a painted handle too. This set offers a big mug showing the Into The Wild bear plus a little mug patterned with the Little Explorers bear cubs that are packaged together in sweet gift box packaging, making them a lovely gift for a little explorer and a big explorer too. Large capacity: 310 ml/12 fl oz. Small capacity: 150ml/6 fl oz.


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