Kiwi Fruit mix preparation

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    The Kiwi fruit, originally from China is widely cultivated in New Zealand. This is why this fruit is referred to as 'kiwi", like the tail-less and long-beaked bird that is the New Zealand's symbol. It is usually associated to exotic countries.

    Its bright green flesh is very soft and almost creamy, and its taste is refreshing, sweet but with a twist of tart flavour. Also, kiwi is a very healthy fruit, as a great source of vitanims and calcium.

    Enjoy the perfect matured fresh kiwi taste, texture and colours in your preparations with MONIN Kiwi fruit mix : the real flavour of a juicy kiwi with a velvety texture and an intense green colour !


    Ingredienten en voedingswaarden:

    Suiker, kiwimoes, natuurlijk aroma, voedingszuur: citroenzuur, kleuren: luteïne, briljantblauw FCF, verdikkingsmiddel: pectine, conserveermiddel: kaliumsorbaat.



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