Blueberry & Black Garlic sauce



200 gr Le Fruit de MONIN Blueberry

300 gr Black garlic puree

1000 grams Demi-glace

200 grams Water

300 gr Blueberries




1 Weigh the above ingredients.

2 Start with demi glace in a pan over low heat.

3 Now add Le Fruit de MONIN Blueberry and black garlic puree. Also add the water now.

4 Bring to the boil and stir well.

5 Cook to desired thickness and taste.

6 Cool and portion into desired size.

7 Add the blueberries no more than 5 minutes before serving, so that they are warm but remain whole.


Serving tip

1 Roasted beets from the BBQ. Wild:

BBQ duck breast. BBQ deer. BBQ lamb.