Tempt your taste buds and discover the perfect balance between wild red fruit and creamy cheesecake with the Red Fruit Cheese Cake. 


500 gr Le Fruit de MONIN Red Berries

1000 gr Forest fruit mix

9oo gram Cheesecake

100 grams Basil

100 gr Mint

Le Fruit Basic 1

1 Weigh 500 grams of Le Fruit de MONIN Red Berries.

2 Weigh 1000 grams of forest fruit mix.

3 Mix this together in a mixing bowl until a homogeneous mass.

4 Place the mixture in a desired container and refrigerate until ready to use.

Le Fruit Basic 2

1 Place the Le Fruit base per portion in heat-resistant vacuum seal bags.

2 Vacuum seal the base so that the flavors come together well.

3 Cook for 10 minutes at 70°C steam.

4 Cool and prepare for use. Can be kept for at least 14 days at 7°C.

5 If using, cut open and strain excess moisture from the fruit. Pour into a stainless steel container before use.


1 Place the cheese cakes on a stainless steel tray and cover

2 Place in the refrigerator ready for use.


1 Place in the refrigerator ready for use. Gather all necessary ingredients

2 Start with the cheesecake on the plate.

3 Top with 2 tablespoons (30 grams) of Le Fruit base.

4 Garnish with the basil & mint chiffonade mix.