Fruit Stand Lemonade



150 ml. water

35 ml. Monin Glasco Lemon syrup

20 ml. Monin Wild Strawberry Syrup

1 lemon cut into 4 wedges


lemon zest and a lemon wedge and fresh strawberries



Please note, if you want it layered as in the photo, follow the instructions carefully in the correct order.


pour the Glasco Lemon into the glass

then squeeze the juice from 3 lemon wedges into the glass

Fill the glass with ice

and then with water (sparkling or still)

Finally, very carefully pour in the Wild Strawberry. A handy tip: first put the syrup in a spoon and pour it from the spoon into the glass.

Garnish it with some fresh strawberry and the 4th lemon wedge

Serve with a barspoon and optional straw.