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  • Le Sirop de MONIN Basil

    An annual herb belonging to the mint family, basil is often referred to as the “royal herb”. It is a fragile and sensitive herb and is a widespread ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. It has different varieties, from Italian to Thai basil. It is increasingly popular among bartenders who wish to add a hint of freshness to their creations. Le Sirop de MONIN Basil tastes incredible in cocktails and mocktails alike, lifting each drink with a strong, herbal flavour with peppery hints.


    mojitos, gin tonics, lemonades, iced teas


    I really like adding MONIN Basil syrup to a mojito. The balance between the freshness of the mint, the spiciness of the basil and the acidity of the lime can really make a perfect match. If you want a little taste of Asia, you should associate MONIN Basil syrup, MONIN Lychee and a fruit juice of your choice. But my favorite use will definitely be in a Martini cocktail mix with lime juice, Le Fruit de MONIN Raspberry, gin shaken and topped with a flamed twist.

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Monin Basilic | Basilicum | Basil
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