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  • Le Sirop de MONIN Caramel

    A candy obtained by cooking sugar and water, caramel is a treat to be enjoyed in many forms. Either hard, soft or liquid, it is a sweet ingredient that enhances a plethora of applications.

    Often used in pastries as a glaze, a sauce or garnish, it is also offered in the culinary world and frequently used in perfumeries. Its sweet flavour pairs wonderfully with a large array of fruits.

    Le Sirop de MONIN Caramel, which captures all the flavours of this treat, will bring a real touch of sweetness to all of your coffees, frappés or lattes. You can also try it in a Negroni, Old Fashioned, Martini or Sour to add an original twist to all of your cocktails.


    latte, coffee, frappé, milkshake, negroni, sour, old fashioned, manhattan


    With a dark Orange colour and velvety texture, MONIN Caramel can easily be applied in culinary recipes such as deserts, and in hot beverages like a caramel latte. MONIN Caramel has a strong flavour and can be a surprising ingredient in alcoholic cocktails with aged spirits. A shot of Bourbon mixed with Caramel syrup is a good combination for example. The product also pairs well with white spirits, bringing you a multitude of applications. Why not try a Caramel Apple Martini?

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