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  • Le Sirop de MONIN Cherry

    A small fruit known since Antiquity, the cherry is the first pitted fruit of the year available in market stalls. Hundreds of cherry varieties exist, with very different flavour profiles, all equally delicious: the Burlat, sweet and tender, the Reverchon, sour and crunchy, or the Sweetheart, pink and firm. Often enjoyed in jams, this sublime, intense red fruit can be savoured in desserts, often chocolatey, but can also be enjoyed in drinks.

    Le Sirop de MONIN Cherry's light hint of cherry pit and ripe, juicy cherry flavours is the ideal ingredient to help bring a refreshing note to all of your creations. Try it in an iced tea, in a dark chocolate frappe or even in a white chocolate Martini. 


    lemonade, latte, smoothie, mojito, gin & tonic, old fashioned


    Rediscover the authentic flavour of fresh, ripe cherries in MONIN Cherry syrup. With it you will have endless possibilities to create delicious drinks flavoured with this summer favourite. Simply topped with a fresh beer, in a spritz to add a fruity touch, in a decadent milk-based drink paired with chocolate, in a cold brew, in a Cosmopolitan…the combinations are endless! I particularly like associating cherry with ginger to enhance its sweet and sour flavour with a hint of spice. Add a dash of MONIN Cherry syrup in a Moscow Mule and you’ll be won over!

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