Finest call sweet & sour

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  • The secret of bartenders and women is in the ingredients, and now it's made available to people at home! With Finest Call you can make delicious cocktails that further deepen the taste and bring an extra dimension to your drink, the great thing is that there is a whole range of these mixes so that you can basically make an infinite number of different combinations!


    This is Finest Call's Sweet & Sour Mix, a wonderful combination of natural lemon juice, lime and orange balanced by the best quality sugar. A mix that can serve as the basis for super cocktails!


    Ingrediënten: Water, suiker, citroensap uit concentraat(15%), citroensap niet uit concentraat(8%), voedingszuur: citroenzuur, zout, natuurlijke aroma, conserveermiddel: natriumbenzoaat, antioxidant: natiummetabisulfiet (bevat SULFIETEN), schuimmiddel: polyoxyethyleensorbitaanmonostearaat (polysorbaat 60).


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