Lime Fruitpuree

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  • Le Fruit de MONIN Lime

    The lime is a bright green, tropical citrus fruit. It is characterised by a subtle flavour whose freshness and fragrance are provided by its zest, its flesh and its juice.

    It is both this singularity and strength that Le Fruit de MONIN Lime embodies, and what make it a key player in the world of cocktail and gastronomy.


    cocktails, virgin cocktails, culinary, dessert drinks, sodas & lemonades, iced teas


    This citrus fruit from South America, known and renown by bartenders everywhere, is announcing its return to the cocktail scene with Le Fruit de MONIN Lime. This small fruit brings freshness and a hint of sweetness to your cocktails. Perfect in a frozen cocktail or daiquiri with a twist, it will bring balance and sourness to your drinks.

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Monin Lime Fruitpuree
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