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  • Le Sirop de MONIN Mango

    Originally from the forests of India, the mango has been cultivated for over 4 millennia. It quickly spread to Africa, Central America and South America. Today, mango is produced in tropical countries and over a hundred different varieties exist. Often added to desserts, mango stirs up creativity. Today, it is associated with tropical cooking and is most commonly used in chutneys. Appreciated in fruit salads, it is also a great companion to dairy products.

    Deliciously flavoured, Le Sirop de MONIN Mango recalls the juicy, tender flavour profile of this sweet fruit. It will elevate all of your creations, from a Daiquiri to a Mojito, to iced teas and lemonades. 


    milkshake, lemonade, punch, daiquiri


    MONIN Mango syrup will marry wonderfully with white alcohols such as gin, vodka, tequila but also with brandies aged in barrels such as bourbon, rum and brandies.

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Monin Mango | Mangue
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