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  • Le Concentré de MONIN Raspberry Tea

    The perfect balance between the astringency of black tea and the sweet and sour flavour of the raspberry, Le Concentré de MONIN Raspberry Tea brings an original and instantaneous twist to your summer drinks. The black tea’s strength is the perfect ally for elevating a variety of drinks. The raspberry, a truly refreshing asset, takes the lead with its sweetness. Allow yourself to be surprised by this blend of authentic flavours that will enable you to create astonishing iced teas. Try it in an apple iced tea or pair it with gin and basil.


    iced teas, martinis, collins, smoothies


    MONIN Raspberry Tea concentrate gathers the delicate flavour of this red berry with the astringency of black tea and will allow you to create a variety of iced teas in no time. It goes really well with other red fruits, exotic passion fruits, and citruses like limes, grapefruits and mandarins. Let’s not forget herbal and floral flavours too, such as rosemary, mint, rhubarb, rose and hibiscus, all of which will delight your guests. In addition to iced teas, you can also create delicious smoothies or let your imagination run wild and create surprising signature cocktails.

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Monin Raspberry TEA |  Framboos Thee | Ice Tea
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