1 liter Pure Cane Sugar

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  • Le Sirop de MONIN Pure Cane Sugar

    Originally from tropical regions, most notably from Mauritius, the sugar cane is a plant that loves heat and humidity and gave birth to an essential product: cane sugar.

    This ingredient is used in a variety of realms such cooking, baking, and even in the world of distillery.

    Produced from cane sugar and water, Le Sirop de Monin MONIN Pure Cane Sugar is the perfect addition to elevate your creations. With its authentic flavours and aromatic strength, it will be a perfect addition to your punches, gins, teas, cold brews, or even lattes.


    punch, mojito, caipirinha, gin, cold brew, latte, coffee, lemonade


    MONIN Pure Cane Sugar syrup will bring the necessary sweetness and balance to all of the classic cocktails requiring sugar: Gin Fizz, Daiquiri, Ti Punch, Caipirinha, Sour, Collins. Perfect to sweeten cocktails and drinks like iced teas, sodas and lemonades, it can also be added to hot drinks such as teas or coffees.

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Monin 1 liter Pure Cane Sugar
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28 Apr 2024
Best place to buy coffee syrup! Lot of selections and the service is top notch