Sucre de Muscovado | Muscovado Sugar

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  • Le Sirop de MONIN Muscovado Sugar

    Mauritius is famed for offering the largest variety of Muscovado sugar in the world. Some sugars are very soft and light while others are dark with very bitter notes; the range is unbelievably rich.

    To enrich our selection of MONIN aromatic sugars, we have base our choice on the balanced flavour and character, with bitter caramel and gingerbread notes, perfectly adapted to mixology use for bartenders and baristi.


    daiquiri, martini, mojito, negroni, cold brew, coffee, latte


    Its deep notes of ripe fruits, slightly bitter caramel, gingerbread and prunes will add hints of intense, woody spirits aged in casks to white spirits like vodka and rum. MONIN Muscovado syrup combines really well with Cold Brew coffee and its chocolatey notes.

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Monin Sucre de Muscovado | Muscovado Sugar
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