Blood Orange | Bloedsinaasappel | Orange Sanguine

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  • Le Sirop de MONIN Blood Orange

    Mainly cultivated in Spain, North Africa and Italy, the fruit of the orange tree is commonly associated with the Mediterranean and holds its name from its intense colour and sour, juicy flesh. A few different varieties exist, such as the sanguinello orange or even the moro orange.

    Le Sirop de MONIN Blood Orange's strong fruity flavour, perfectly balanced between sweet, sour, and bitter, will bring an intense twist to all of your creations.


    spritz, iced teas, lemonades

    MONIN Blood Orange syrup captures the particular taste of this citrus fruit with a deep red orange flesh. Its slight bitterness and acidity make it an ideal flavor for your Spritzes, Negronis and other bitter cocktails, whether classics or signatures.
    Delicious and refreshing in the same time, it will be a delight in summer star drinks likes iced teas, sodas and lemonades.
    Let your imagination run free and give a twist to your favorite cocktails like the Margarita, the Moscow Mule, the Mojito or even the Cosmopolitan.
    To my personal taste I like to use it with Le Fruit de MONIN Passion Fruit, an amber vermouth, a hint of lime juice and topped with prosecco, for a revisited spritz with tropical flavors.

    Why don’t you give it a try?

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Monin Blood Orange | Bloedsinaasappel | Orange Sanguine
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