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  • Le Concentré de MONIN Lemon Tea


    An essential and a star of outdoor seating areas, lemon iced tea responds to the growing demand for natural, refreshing drinks. Thanks to the bitterness of tea and the tartness of lemon, Le Concentré de MONIN Lemon Tea brings a new strength and freshness to your drinks, creating authentic flavoured iced teas, with low sugar content. 

    Don’t hesitate to create your favourite recipe in a water dispenser or glass pitcher and add a few fresh fruits and herbs to make it stand out!


    iced teas, martinis, cocktails, smoothies


    MONIN Lemon Tea concentrate captures the refreshing taste of lemon with the black tea astringency and will allow you to make many different flavored iced teas in no time, whether it is for a in house consumption or for take away and deliveries. It marries perfectly with exotic fruits like passion fruit or mango, its citrus cousins like lime or tangerine. Vegetal flavors like mint, basil, cucumber, or ginger will also be a great match to please your guests taste buds. Apart from iced teas, you’ll be able to prepare delicious smoothies or even let your imagination run free to create astonishing signature drinks.

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Monin Lemon Tea | Ice Tea
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