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  • Le Sirop de MONIN Brownie

    Originally from the USA, this chocolate cake – usually made with slivered nuts or hazelnuts – is a favourite among children. It can be enjoyed with custard, whipped cream or a ball of ice cream.

    Le Sirop de MONIN Brownie replicates the flavour of dark chocolate brownie cake batter, rounded off with a hints of nut. It will bring sweetness and delicateness to all of your milkshakes and frappes and will reinvent your Old Fashioned and other whisky based cocktails.


    hot chocolate, latte, frappé, dessert drinks, martinis


    The marvellous mix of nuts and chocolate. Both intense and decadent, MONIN Brownie Syrup will bring indulgent notes to your pastries and beverages. It will easily flavour all of your coffee shop favourites – hot, cold, milky, with coffee or chocolate – from a delicious Brownie Milkshake to a Brownie Hot Chocolate. In the mixology world, it is a great match to dark spirits. You can also flavour vodka based classics such as an Espresso Martini or White Russian.

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Monin Brownie
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