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  • Le Sirop de MONIN Lychee

    A small exotic fruit from China, the lychee is considered a festive fruit, traditionally associated with Chinese New-Year for over 4000 years. Easily identifiable by its rose-coloured skin covered in scale-like bumps, the lychee has a white, soft flesh. Extremely refreshing, it pairs wonderfully with exotic fruits and is widely used in the cocktail industry.

    Le Sirop de MONIN Lychee’s sweet hints of fresh rose will subtly elevate all of your creations. It will reach its full potential in a Rhum Collins, a passion fruit iced tea or a strawberry smoothie. 


    collins, martini, mojito, iced tea, smoothie, lemonade


    An excellent companion to other tropical flavours, you can pair it with pineapple, mango, or passion fruit in fruity cocktails. It goes really well with strawberry, pink grapefruit or raspberry. In cocktails, with clear spirits like gin, vodka and rum really. Let’s not forget sake thought, to rekindle its Asian roots.

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Monin Lychee | Litchi
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