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  • Le Sirop de MONIN Jasmine


    Cultivated for their fine perfume, jasmine flowers open their petals at dusk releasing their powerful odour. Jasmine’s beautiful fragrance is commonly used in perfumes, incense and as an essential oil and is popularly consumed in tea to revitalise and restore energy balance.

    Le Sirop de MONIN Jasmine captures the natural fragrant flavour of this night blooming flower and bottles the nose of fresh cut jasmine allowing you to create delicately aromatic asian-inspired cocktails, smoothies and teas.


    margarita, cosmo, martini, spritz, iced tea, latte


    MONIN Jasmine syrup goes well with teas, smoothies and gives to all your drinks a very pleasant and refreshing flower taste.

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Monin Jasmine | Jasmin | Jasmijn
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