Vanille 70cl

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  • Le Sirop de MONIN Vanilla

    Recognized across the entire world, Madagascar vanilla is renowned for its olfactory characteristics and its long, traditional way of being manufactured. The vanilla flower is harvested after a year of growing and is then transformed into a pod for more than 6 months.

    Often used in the pastry world, but also in the beverage and coffee realm, vanilla is a wonderful companion to chocolate and a large array of fruits.

    Le Sirop de MONIN Vanilla and its real notes of fresh vanilla pods will allow you to create surprising twists. Your hot chocolates, coffees, iced lattes but also your Sours and Daïquiris will only be even more enhanced.


    hot chocolate, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, frappé, cold brew, sour, martini, daiquiri


    MONIN Vanilla syrup is a great complement of nut flavours in latte applications. It also fits perfectly in a tea preparation in addition to berry flavours. I like it very much in after dinner drinks built straight in a glass filled with dark rum or brandy.

    Bereiden en bewaren

    Minimale bewaartemperatuur 18 ºC
    Maximale bewaartemperatuur

    27 ºC

    Ingredienten en voedingswaarden 

    Suiker, water, natuurlijk aroma, vanille extracten, geconcentreerd citroensap, conserveermiddel: E202.

    Per 100 gram

    Energie (kJ) 1353
    Energie (Kcal) 324
    Eiwitten (gram) 0
    Koolhydraten (gram) 80,2
    - waarvan suiker (gram) 79,8
    Vet (gram) 0
    - waarvan verzadigd (gram) 0
    Enkelvoudig onverzadigd vet (gram) 0
    Meervoudig onverzadigd vet (gram) 0
    Zout (gram) 0,01

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